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Environmentally friendly activities

A major concern of modern economies is respect for the environment.

The constant search for sustainable economies and reuse of discarded materials are among the values promoted by Central S.A.T. Indeed, Central S.A.T., as a citizen corporate, is actively involved in protecting the planet by its everyday actions such as:

Reconditioning: Central S.A.T. extends the life of your tinting equipment and enables you to realise substantial savings on your investment on new machinery.

Refurbishment : Central S.A.T. proposes second hand recycled equipment that would have been destroyed otherwise. We give a second life to the equipment and extend thereby the service life of these machines. 

Destruction of hazardous materials: Central S.A.T. is committed to its customers and partners for the recovery and the systematic destruction of waste and residues from our actions of reconditioning machines and circuits. We have a partner who guarantees us the destruction of the waste in an approved circuit. The content of liquid waste containers that we entrust to him, is to be burned and used for producing heat energy.

Destruction of mixing and tinting machines: Central S.A.T.  proposes to handle the final destruction of your tinting materials and provide you with a certificate of destruction. We recycle all residues of dyes found in the tinting machines through our authorised destruction circuit.